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+ How does my business data get onto my online accounting webpage?

This is usually one of the first questions potential clients ask us and, the simple answer is, we organise all of the processing and uploading of your data.

Unlike most of our competitors, we really do, do all of the work!

You send us all your invoices etc either in the post (via next day special delivery envelopes provided by us), via email or collected by other electronical means. This is then imported into your accounts and is viewable on your webpage.

This saves you the unnecessary and time consuming hassle of inputting and checking all of your own data.

+ Why outsource?

Whatever business you are running, there are always inportant resources to consider, such as information, staff and time.

Outsourcing your accounts will provide significant benefits in each of these areas:

  • Information

    Outsourcing to Interax means that your financial information is available 24/7 from any PC with internet access. This means that the information is available at a time and place to suit you. Make business decisions based on the up-to-date information on your business at the click of a button.

  • Staff

    No recruitment costs, staff sickness or annual leave to worry about. High turnover of staff is non-existant when you outsource your accounting requirements.

  • Time

    Interax can remove the time you spend on managing your accounts and keep up-to-date with the latest legislation so you don't have to. Spend more time running your business and save money from outsourcing at the same time!

+ How does it work?

Your 'Virtual' Accounts Department requires access to details of all your financial transactions so that we can process the data quickly and accurately. We have the means to deliver the information back to you in a concise and easily assimilated way. To achieve this Interax have developed a family of procedures designed specifically to meet these requirements, centred around a private web-site setup specifically for your business.

The financial transactions of any business are recorded in many forms:-

Some data is electronic e.g.

  • Bank statements
  • Till data
  • Output from specialised software, such as production control packages or hotel booking software

Some data is paper based e.g.

  • Commercial invoices
  • Supplier statements

As a matter of policy, Interax collects as much data as possible electronically.

Data collected electronically is not subject to human errors such as mis-reading or mis-keying. Interax has developed a standard interface that enables data in almost any format to be transferred directly into your books.

Paper based data is sent to us using fully insured next-day delivery pre-paid envelopes. ALL paperwork is returned to you within 6 working days.

Once processed, management accounts and other financial data will be uploaded to your private web-site and you will have immediate access to it at any time via the internet.

+ How much does it cost?

We will agree a fixed monthly fee in advance. If you are a new start-up business we offer a 3 month free trial to help get you on your feet.

Fees will depend upon the type of business and level of service you require. For example, you may only require some of our services or you may want to completely outsource all of your accounting to us. We aim to keep our charges to a minimum and we hope that you will find our services to be professional and excellent value for money.

We do not charge for our advice, we do not surprise you with one-off bills.

See for yourself by contacting Interax now.

+ How secure is my data held by Interax?

Interax practices a regime of data spreading, with an added main source of data, which ensures that within the data processing offices, copies of your data are held on a number of computers. This ensures that if any one of them fail, copies can be immediately retrieved.

Each week a full data backup is taken and transferred to a secure archive machine held at a remote location.

All personnel having access to your records have to sign a confidentiality agreement with Interax. We can supply a copy of this agreement on request.

+ How secure is the information held on my website?

The data held on your website is 'report only' and no transactions can be instigated or posted via the site.

All report data is held in files which can only be accessed by supplying three pieces of information:

  • User Number
  • User Name
  • Password

These will initially be set by Interax, but you may change the User Name and Password at any time by contacting Interax

+ How do I get started?

Contact Interax. We will discuss your needs and help get you started as quickly as possible.

Once you are happy with the process, Interax will send you a welcome pack and a pre-paid secure envelope to allow you to send in your paperwork. If you have information stored electronically, we will make necessary arrangements to obtain this information.

If Interax is backdating your account to the start of your financial year, we will need to see the set of accounts and/or record for the previous financial year. This will provide us with an opening balance on your accounts for the current year. If these are not available immediately, then please forward them as soon as you receive them.

However, if your accounting records have been kept formally, Interax will only require a trial balance as of the end of the month prior to us taking over your accounts.

+ PC Requirements

The PC requirements for running programs supplied by Interax are as follows:

  • Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Screen resolution minimum 1024x768
  • Broadband internet connection

The latest version of Adobe Reader may also be required, you can install it by clicking on the link below:

Get Adobe Reader
Get Adobe Reader